Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So i totally lied about blogging regularly after the exams B-\

I think i did pretty well for the mid years...

well my grades deproved overall but frankly speaking the test papers were so hard B-(

Happy about my combined humanities result CUZ I EFFIGING PASSED !

not that awesome though still a pass for humanities is like as awesome as i get

the moment i got back my SS results i was like


I'm feelin' like a star

you can't stop my shine

and you know the rest ;-)

so ever since after the exams i dont know what to do at all B-\



thank god for youtube cuz without youtube i'll be like rotting in a corner and other bad shizz like that B-\

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Im gonna start blogging again after the exams

but as for now two things happened thats worth mentioning B-\

1. Mr lim is a cute old dude "You guys all dieded at the bearings question"
Us" dieded??"

*he notices his mistake* "died died but dieded is comes after died or something epic like that

2. I was studyin' my POA and i accidentally left my POA file under my table
I didn't know it was there at all B-\
so mr Phua saw it and stuff
I don't think theres gonna be any problem though cuz mr phua was being really nice about it

And i didn't study at all today when i got back till now

all i did was Think about how much fun i'll have after the exams

so blizzcon is in two weeks which i almost forgotten due to all this shizzy stress\\

Blah blah blah

Doofenschmirtz evil inc. !

Peace out

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wow its been a while since i blogged...


nothing interesting happened =\

So i have no idea what to blog

besides that i 'lost' my keys today

So i thought i lost my keys cuz they were no where to be found

and i was locked inside the house for an entire day living on nothing but water

So i was gonna take a nap in the afternoon since i was bloody hungry

alleluia i found my keys

Thanks to my popobe glow in the dark keychain B-)

cuz when i turned of the lights to take a nap i saw something glowing in my bookshelf


so yea thats like the only thing worth bloggin'?

Yea my life is boring like that B-\

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm too lazy to blog ...

Just read my tweets by the side over -------->>>>

So buhhhhhh bye

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yea so the first 2 days of school aint really working out for me...

The problem is sleep...

I feel bloody sleepy during the day but when its time to sleep i just can't fall asleep for some reason =\


Mrs see toh didnt come today

so i like had company during my free period

we like have karaoke sessions everyday in school B-)

So Mr chan was acting all crazy today

the whole class gotta stay back after school for 9hours due to 9 pieces of litter found on the floor...

and then there was the file check

blah blah blah

I was gonna skip band but sadly on my way to the side gate

I was greeted by keyang whom told me not to skip band

and Mr Goh was behind him so he heard keyang say that and warned me that he is going to check on band later and if i don't go i'm screwed -.-

Luckiest guy evar?

But who cares its the last band prac in a long long time B-) i can finally concentrate on my "studies"

Chizz... aint gonna stay up to do my damn maths homework instead ima sleep early tonight so BUhvye

... I always say i'll sleep early but i always end up watching tv or surfing the internet...


Yea so my mom is asking to eat some worms -.- those deep fried wormy thingamajigs...


I aint gonna eat those...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

500th post B-)

So i totally forgotten to blog for the past few days....

Wednesday was the Junior band concert

Was the facilitator and it was pretty fun

ACJC is totally my dream school now cuz the school looks so aweshum !

All i did was slack though B-\

on thursday there was band.again.

It was ok before band ended

and amirul was being a douche...

so angry that i cried a little

So today is like the first official day of holiday where i'm relaxing ...although i'm living in denial cuz i have shizz loads of homework to do...

Mom's restaurant branch just officially opened and she's so busy that she doesnt have any time at all...

kinda sad...

Yea so thats pretty much it

Saw marathon after the exams anyone??

And and Happy Birthday Carissa once again B-) You the coolest girl out there ;-)


Only slept for like 2 hours yesterday so ima sleep till sunday

Peace out holmies

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pooey I'm blogging from the acjc concert thingamajig

This is so boring ... All I do is sit here and watch them do shizz

My holidays are wasted on shizz like this

And mr lim got really angry at me

Timothy's attitude is disgusting - QFT from the seniors

Blah dee dag :-/

Soo signing off now B-/